Thursday, February 02, 2006


Ron Capone has left the building...

Just got word today that a great, sweet, incredibly talented man passed away. Ron Capone left Baton Rouge as a teenager and went seeking fame and fortune as a drummer in Memphis. He eventually found himself at Stax Records, doing more knob twirling than skin pounding. Mostly, Ron learned how to place a microphone and hear.
Ron became the engineer on most of the legendary music out of Stax, including "Dock of the Bay", "Knock On Wood", "Soul Man", even winning a Grammy for his work on "Shaft".
When Steve Cropper left Stax, he lured Ron away with him to Southern California. Ron got homesick and wanted to be nearer to his folks, so he took a job in Shreveport at Nightwing Studios. When that folded he found himself working on projects with Stan "The Record Man" Lewis, and eventually hired on as staff engineer for Denny & DeAnza Duron's "Louisiana Light" Studios.

Ron worked on just about every CD project that I had anything to do with. He had incredible ears and knew instantly if an EQ adjustment needed to be made and could tell you exactly what the adjustment should be.
The world has lost a great sweet soul and a truly great engineer.

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