Thursday, March 20, 2008


A NEW review of "The Second Album" by Karl Hasten


"Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad" Dan Garner sings on "Without A Broken Heart", the rocking first cut on his newest CD release. That seems to be an appropriate sentiment symbolizing the melange of feelings on the release, "The Second Album", where Garner candidly portrays a wide range of emotions.
As on his former release "25 Things", Garner also shifts fluidly between styles and genres, from the stripped down folk of "Red Balloon" to the country shuffle of "I've Got A Fever" – the latter stoked by the always flawless guitar of Mark Griffith who adds great flair to the CD in several notable places. Listen for his subtle nod to Hendrix on "Gypsy Woman".
When Garner checks into "Wing Motel" it is with an endearingly insouciant, Guy Clark-meets-Leonard Cohen vocal, yet he moves easily to the Kinks-like, neo-punk rave up on "Same Sun".
From rockers to acoustic, Garner maps the shifting landscapes of love with a practiced hand. Whether reflecting on the "wreckage strewn" or being "down to my last card" on "What Is Happening To Me" or the driving optimism of "I've got a fever, white hot and pure" on "I've Got A Fever" he deftly illustrates that he has been to both the deserts and the oases of relationships.
Though "The Second Album" is filled with one strong cut after another-even more consistently than "25 Things" (possibly due to the shear number of songs on the latter) – Garner seems most at home on the acoustic singer/songwriter work he is known for in his many live performances around the region. "Where Are You Now", recorded live, is a real standout, exemplifying his striking talent for intimate connection in delivering his heart-felt lyrics.

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